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Get to know us at Park and 57th

At Park and 57th, we're redefining the hairstyling experience for independent artists who dare to dream beyond the traditional salon setting without the   commitment of running a full salon. We understand that true creativity thrives in an environment of freedom, devoid of micromanagement and drama. Our mission is to empower you – the passionate hairstylist with a vision – to own and run your business on your terms.

We've meticulously designed every aspect of Park and 57th to cater to your needs as you grow your business. From fully equipped workstations, newly renovated space, to a cafe style coffee bar for you and you clients. You'll find everything you need to bring your vision to life. We have infrastructure already taken care of, so you can focus on your clients and business.

a true 
independent workplace

In our uniquely crafted environment, you'll find the balance you've been seeking. It's a place where you can set your own pace, design your schedule, and decide how to shape your brand. Say goodbye to the rigid structures of traditional salons + high rent prices; here, you have the freedom to truly grow independently.


If you are an inquiring client

While our website is designed for aspiring and established hairstylists seeking an independent career, we understand that clients might visit too. Our talented stylists operate their own businesses and handle bookings directly.

To book an appointment or learn more about their unique services, please reach out to your preferred stylist through the contact details provided on their profile pages. We're here to empower stylists and connect clients with their perfect hairstyling partner.

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